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101 Dalmatians (1996)

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Emma Stone Admits It Was 'Difficult' to Play Cruella de Vil Without Character's Cigarette Holder

Deville cruella Cruella De

Deville cruella Cruella De

Cruella de Ville (1982

Deville cruella Cruella De

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From Emma Stone to Glenn Close, the actresses who have played Cruella de Vil

Unfortunately for Estella however the Baroness whistled for her dogs to come for Catherine which they did, knocking her over a balcony leaving her to fall to her death.

  • Cruella introduces herself to the world by revealing her name in neon graffiti on the building.

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  • She slaps Horace and Jasper when they ask if they can finish the show first, and leaves them in her house to skin the puppies, threatening to call the police if they are not done by morning.