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Vixen Artboard 1

Vixen Vixen! (1968)

Incubus (Vixen)

Perhaps its application to female characters who combined combative and seductive qualities led to the word's reinterpretation.

  • According to her, she realized that the rest of Vixen left her out and usurped her right to represent them.

  • She then used it to fight evil as Vixen.

Russ Meyer's Vixen

There has yet to be a proper release for these recordings because every member from that lineup has either retired from music or is pursuing non-musical careers.

  • Each side torso carries one and two.

  • She found crime highly successful in maintaining her accustomed lifestyle of decadence and hedonism-- being treated as a fine lady by her henchmen, despite her humble origins, even when accompanying them on missions.