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News annette garcia Annette Garcia

Annette Lynn Garcia arrested after leaving children in vehicle to go shopping

Annette Garcia, a mother of three children, was shot in the back Wednesday evening by a Riverside County Sheriffs deputy.

  • Pereira told Garcia he would drop him off at the next exit, and asked him to sit in the back of his patrol car.

  • They said an external review should be undertaken to identify mistakes and improve transparency.

Anthony Pettis celebrates with his mother Annette Garcia after... News Photo

Critics contend the syndrome — which remains rare but has increased in prevalence since a surge in cocaine use in the 1980s — is still vague and poorly understood, almost always cited after a struggle with police, and open to abuse by police agencies or prosecutors.

  • His heart had flat-lined, his breathing stopped, his brain starved of oxygen, medical records show.

  • My middle sister loved anything pink, from Sleeping Beauty to Strawberry shortcake.