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Adult Oscar Mayer Packaged Bacon Costume

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Bacon costume sexy Body Paint

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  • Scream Poncho So if you didn't have any good costume ideas and the forecast for Halloween is calling for rain, you can always put on this piece of shit, only you won't really keep dry because it appears to be made out of a very thin mesh.

  • Miss Voorhees This one is along the lines of the Sexy Leatherface or Sexy Michael Myers that I included on my list last year.

Sexy Halloween Food Costumes

We don't care what that lady thinks.

  • So, if you plan on dressing up as sexy Ronald McDonald this Halloween, make sure to keep the face paint off.

  • What do you think of these sexy food Halloween costumes? Here we have covered up the top Bacon Strip Halloween Costume Ideas that will save your time and money too.