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Rape victim forced to quit support group after woke charity insists trans woman in men's clothes also has right to be there

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Dedication: 2021

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What Sen. Sarah McBride means to transgender kids in Delaware

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Dedication: 2021

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Trans Activist Sarah McBride Speaks Out After Being Verbally Attacked By Two Transphobic Lesbians

After googling and reading more about her, I decided to order her memoir.

  • She speaks out and writes out for the rights of trans and gender non-conforming people to be in charge of their own genders and advocates for the remembrance and celebration of trans history.

  • Last year she did this thing called transition.

She’s My Dad!: A Story for Children Who Have a Transgender Parent or Relative: Savage, Sarah, Garcia, Joules: 9781785926150: Books

By publishing their memoirs and writing such an open book, they are telling a story that a lot of trans women experience but few get to tell about.

  • Have you read the thread and then searched on your own? This is a book about love and acceptance and courage.

  • Each issue features a collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography.