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Elminster's Tome of Gynophagia Stories

Platters of juicy arms, trenchards filled with long sultry broiled legs, porcelain soup tureens brimming with shapely ankles and feet, silver bowls of poached ears and faces, standing racks of savory spiced ribs braised with melted breast fats, silver skewers of toes and fingers both cooked and tartare, carving boards heavy with whole roasted buttocks or thighs, ice-filled trays brimming with raw filets of belly and calf, or crowned with pink ovals of raw vagina.

  • He tells me that he has Leukemia I always made it a habit of getting permission to publish from any of the female models who pictures were submitted to me either by themselves or husbands or lovers.

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The Former Slaughterhouse Worker

I told him to send me his material and I would take a look.

  • They had all waited a long time for this event, eyeing their busy calenders as the great day approached, their impatience becoming close to obsession.

  • At times Dolcett would participate in these asphyxia sessions and while at the time he allowed himself to be photographed, Lee edited out Dolcetts' image to protect his mysterious identity.