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Pot vs. Alcohol

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Potheads are worse than Alcoholics : unpopularopinion

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Which Utensil Is Best For Drinking Water?

Alcoholic pothead vs Alcohol vs.

Weed vs. Alcohol : Marijuana

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Alcoholic pothead vs Alcohol or

A Clear

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Alcohol or Marijuana: Which Is Worse for Your Health?

Alcohol is more likely than marijuana to interact with other drugs.

  • I misinterpreted the conclusion of your points, but I don't think that invalidates my criticism.

  • Public health researchers have said studying rates of injuries, accidents, mental illness and teen use in the wake of the new laws will lead to a better understanding of marijuana's public health effects.

Marijuana Smoke vs. Cigarettes: Which is More Dangerous?

A suggests that consuming weed as a teenager can lead to brain development issues at a later stage.

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  • Still, combining the two appears to have the worst results.

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